About Us

The Tower Group is a wealth management financial planning team within Steward Partners Global Advisory.  Steward Partners Global Advisory is a full-service Independent Partnership, catering to family, institutional, and multi-generational investors.  Our mission is to formulate comprehensive wealth management strategies so clients can pass on their legacy of values and integrity for generations to come.  We focus on the comprehensive analysis, measurement, and application of risk management principles to diversified investment portfolios.  Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies, The Tower Group provides extensive knowledge to investment portfolios requiring exposure to traditional and non-traditional asset class investments consistent with the strategic return targets, portfolio spending policies, and volatility limits or risk budgets.

With the Tower Group as your primary resource for wealth and financial decisions we help clients make decisions from a point of strength.  Our vision is to provide balance in the lives of our clients with a well-directed wealth plan supported by a disciplined liability based investment process.  We look to foster multi-generational relationships and assist in achieving financial goals through objective and holistic wealth planning.  We look forward to adding value to our clients, investors and managed portfolios.  We put our clients first, act with integrity and honesty, and strive to excellence in every facet of our practice.

Plan Well.  Invest Well. Live Well.