The Tower Group – Shared Values, Common Interests, and an Unyielding Care for Our Clients, Colleagues and Communities.

You have worked hard to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.  Selecting the right partner is an essential component in helping to protect and preserve your current and future needs.  We understand this and built our practice around the needs and values of our clients.

Our philosophy in working with clients and each other is based upon the “Platinum Rule”; Treat those the way you wish to be treated.


What you can expect from the Tower Group at Steward Partners Global Advisory?

  • Honest, competent and ethical conduct. As financial professionals, we will give you all the information that effects the financial decisions you make as well as the information that pertains to the financial decisions made on your behalf.
  • Independent and Objective Advice. We will base decisions on a thorough understanding of your family’s goals and objectives. We will carefully consider and support judgements that match products, strategy and solutions with your unique needs and circumstances.
  • Your financial interests take precedence. As fiduciaries, your welfare must be considered before the welfare of us and our organization.
  • Fair treatment with respect to your decision making process.
  • Disclosure of any existing or potential conflicts of interest. Advice from any financial professional should be based solely upon the benefits to you, your circumstances, and financial goals.
  • An understanding of your unique circumstances. Financial professionals must base decisions on facts directly relevant to your financial needs and goals. Our advice should feel reasonable and comfortable in context with your specific circumstances.
  • Clear and timely communication that uses plain language, not industry jargon. Communication should make sense and be presented in a format that conveys the information effectively and clearly.
  • Transparency. An explanation of all fees and costs. Understanding all the expenses you are paying for financial management is critical to deepening trust and client engagement.
  • Confidentiality of your information. You have the right to privacy of your personal and financial information. Only professionals directly involved in the relationship will have access to your information.
  • Courteous Service. Anyone you engage with will be courteous, respectful and tireless in providing a solution.