Wealth Planning Process

The Tower Group process centers on a simple theme of Plan Well ~ Invest Well ~Live Well.  Our process is designed to help simplify your life, save you time, identify and reduce your risks.  We believe that any financial plan should start with your life as the central focus and then move outward with strategies to fit your life’s specific needs.  It is our mission to help you define your own meaning of Live Well and assist your family to achieve that goal.

At Steward Partners, we are invested in you.  We take the time to know your family’s unique situation and partner with you to create a plan to help you achieve financial confidence.  You have a dedicated team of advisors who are passionate, competent, credentialed and committed to your success.  We believe financial empowerment will allow you to make decisions based upon your financial plan.  The key to a long-term relationship is attentive communication.  By listening more and talking less, we can foster a collaborative relationship whose objective is for you and your family to live well.

Plan Well

By the time most families come to us, they have accumulated different assets ranging from business interests, pension credits, tax deferred accounts, taxable investments, insurance and annuities.  They also have current and future liabilities, including business lines of credit, home mortgages, college funding needs and retirement funding.  Most families have never experienced the benefits of a coordinated wealth plan designed to have the assets and liabilities work in conjunction toward their definition of Living Well.  At Steward Partners, our process will analyze and evaluate your current financial status, considering all aspects of your current position in order to determine your family’s rate of return objective.  We will assist you in identifying your personal and financial goals as well as your definition of living well.  We will only recommend an investment strategy once we understand your risk parameters, return objectives and your definition of living well.

Invest Well

Once we are able to determine estate and retirement planning strategies, we can move to the next phase and recommend an asset allocation and investment strategy designed to help you achieve your goals.  Since we are planning based advisors, our investment philosophy is founded on the simple premise that investment strategies should be designed around outcomes, not benchmarks.  Our strategies focus on targeting real investor challenges such as capital growth, income generation and capital preservation.  We believe that trying to avoid severe market drops is essential to investment success because the less investors lose during downturns, the less they have to make up before their gains compound.  Making money is important, but preserving that money can be just as important.

Living Well

Eventually, you will decide how you want your wealth to impact your family, community and society.  By implementing our planning process, we can then turn our attention to your definition of living well.  As you achieve your goals, passion and purpose will be the driving force towards a great life.  Change is constant and our Plan Well ~ Invest Well ~ Live Well process will assist your family to ensure that your wealth works to help you Live Well.

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